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We know that while your are on Isla Mujeres
you'll be making the best memories of your life!!

Unfortunately, memories tend to fade. For that reason, we created this section just for you. You can share your memories or share your Isla Mujeres information with others who need it. Whether you want to send someone best wishes or are planning a trip and need answers to questions, you've come to the right spot.

We are creating a community here. Bringing people together and giving them an opportunity to exchange experiences and information is our goal. Take a moment to check out your options here!! To get started, simply click the links to the left.

  • Isla Q&A Board
    If you are new to Isla Mujeres or just plain have questions about this island, this is your place to post questions and receive straight forward answers. The users who answer your questions here give their best and sincere answer to any questions! There are no dumb questions here!!

  • Isla Chatter Board
    This board is for users who are regulars to Isla or who just want to have a little fun conversing about the island. This is our community area for everyone to get together and feel a part of Isla. Everyone is welcome! All posts and responses regarding the island are welcome, so long as they adhere to our code of conduct. Our mission and what we require of everyone is to create a fun and positive atmosphere that celebrates our love of Isla Mujeres!!

  • Chat Room
    This is an unmonitored area of the site where users can connect. Often times many user gather on Wednesday evening to get to know each other and discuss Isla.

  • Trip Calendar
    By filling out your user profile (if you are already logged in, go the the home page and click the 'User Profile' button on the left side. Some of the question pertain to your next trip to Isla. By entering the arrival and departure dates of your next trip, you will automatically be included on the trip calendar. You may also give details of your next trip, such as where you stay or where or when you usually hang out somewhere so other board members can find you.

  • Isla Recipes
    Do you have a recipe from on of your favorite foods from Isla Mujeres? Well post the recipe here so that everyone can enjoy a little taste of Isla Mujeres when they can't be there!!

  • Post Cards
    Do you have friends and family who couldn't make it on this trip? Send them a post card to let them know you're having a good time. Rub it in a little bit!!

  • Guest Book
    Take a moment to sign our guest book and browse the entries of other visitors to this site.

  • Isla Stories
    On our Isla Stories page, you can share you Isla Mujeres stories, observations or just anything you want to remember about your trip. Share your trip reports so other Isla Mujeres enthusiasts can enjoy your adventures right along with you!

  • User Photos
    Using the User Photos section of our site, you can upload your Isla Mujeres photos to keep them safe and to share them with other Isla Mujeres enthusiasts. You may also view photos shared by other members to get a look at some of the sights you have in store for you on Isla Mujeres.

  • Best of Isla Mujeres
    Each month we post a question about what you like most about Isla Mujeres. Stop by each month and give us your response or see what other people have to say.

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