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Message Board - Private Messenger Code of Conduct

In order to participate in our online community via our message boards and/or private messenger system, you must first accept our code of conduct. Please read the terms below and click the checkbox to indicate you agree to the code of conduct. If you do not agree or do not wish to accept the terms you may still access the message board, but will not be allowed to post messages. Not accepting the terms will not allow you access to the private messaging system.
Code of Conduct

Attention: If you have previously agreed to the code of conduct, but are being asked again it is because we have modified the code of conduct. Please review the code of conduct and pay special attention to recent changes (identified in italix.)

Our code of conduct applies both to use of our message boards and our private messenger system. The rules apply more generally to the publicly visible message boards, but we take very seriously any personal attacks, flaming, self promotion, etc via the private messaging system. Access to either is not guaranteed to users and may be revoked at our discretion.

Our basic code of conduct is simple; help us foster a fun, informative and friendly online community for anyone who is interested in or already loves Isla Mujeres. To help us achieve this goal we must ask for your assistance in following the guidelines below, but we require mutual respect between all users.

The code of conduct conditions are extensive and although we regret that it is the case, the semi-anonymity and some peoples attitudes have required us to cover our bases in order to promote the friendly, positive environment we desire for this site. The code of conduct should be seen as a guideline for the behavior we require for participation in our online community and may be modified and enforced as we see fit.

Our goal is to offer an online community for people who share in the love of Isla Mujeres to communicate and for people new to Isla to ask questions to help plan their vacations and learn why we all love Isla! This online community must be held to a standard so that everyone feels comfortable with posting questions and/or responses. If any member or newcomer feels afraid to post, then we have failed.

Like any community peace and harmony isn’t easily achieved. Users are bound to disagree and opinions will vary. This is understood as normal community behavior and is fine as long as everyone respects people’s right to have their own opinions and users do not resort to personal attacks or other forms of disrespect. There are always people who find discourse/arguments as entertaining or just seek to cause trouble. This behavior may be permitted on some message boards, but ours is a positive celebration of Isla and will not be tolerated here.

We define the following as disrespectful or in violation of our code of conduct:
  • Any personal attacks on another user and/or his/her opinions

  • Posting of offensive material or use of inappropriate language

  • Retaliation by posting inappropriate or offensive responses to messages you find offensive (let us handle that)

  • Contributing to or supporting threads that violate our code of conduct

  • Misrepresenting yourself or spreading inaccurate or inflammatory information

  • Making assumptions about other users intentions/motives/questions and responding in an inappropriate manner.

  • Abusing our self-promotion guidelines (see below)

How we handle offenses to our code of conduct…. We generally operate on a one warning system. If we feel you have been in violation of our standards we will notify you once. If a second offense occurs you will be banned from the site without reconsideration.
  • If we discover or are notified of a posting that is in violation of our code of conduct, the posting, and subsequently any below in the thread will be deleted.

  • In general we will not make public explanations of threads that have been deleted or the reasons. This generally leads to more of the behavior we are trying to contain. In certain circumstances we may post a public notice, but will not respond to any judgment or criticism of our decisions. If you notice a thread or postings have been removed you can assume one of two things 1) The posting violated our code of conduct and was removed 2) The originator of the posting asked for it to be removed.

  • Any user we determine to be in violation will be notified via email of their violation and given their first warning. The email may or may not explain the reasons we find the user in violation. If you have given your agreement here, it should be obvious.

  • If a user has previously been warned, that user will be notified that they will no longer have access to the site and are banned. Again we may or may not provide an explanation depending on the occasion. If the user chooses to respond to the email we will evaluate the response, but in general decisions are final and the user should not expect a response. We will not participate in email flaming campaigns regarding our decisions.

Guidelines to promote positive board behavior and avoid violating our code of conduct:
  • Do not post any material that may be considered offensive to us or others

  • If you feel a posting is inappropriate, offensive or is a personal attack against you, do not respond. Ignore the post and follow our procedure; inform the board monitor through email, the owner through the feedback link at the bottom of the site home page or preferably both. We will evaluate the situation and take appropriate action. Keep in mind that we are not monitoring the boards 24x7, but will take action and respond to you as soon as possible. Posting a retaliatory response will only satisfy the offender, cause trouble on the board and put you in violation of our code of conduct.

  • Re-read every post before you actually submit, from an outside perspective. Be sure no one may misunderstand or take offense to your posting.

  • Never ever assume someone is posting under false pretenses or trying to make trouble. The internet is anonymous and expansive enough that it could be an honest question or someone with a similar writing style. Simply answering the question asked in a non-offensive way will either answer the legitimate users question or defeat the purpose of someone trying to cause trouble. If you feel it is serious then report the posting to us as detailed above. Just keep everything POSITIVE!

  • Without vocal intonation or facial expressions, it is difficult to understand anything other than the literal meaning of what you wrote. Sarcasm or joking is very easily misunderstood and should be avoided.

  • Making personal or inside jokes is best kept to email unless they are obvious and can’t be misread as offensive. Keep in mind that there are many many other people who will read the post and may not get it.

  • If you find a post irritating but do not wish to report it, or are unsatisfied with our handling, simply ignore the post. Skipping to the next post is VERY easy and with the volume of posting we receive, it will soon be out of your site.

  • Only the owner and selected representatives have the authority to determine what is and what is not in violation of these guidelines. Again, if you feel someone is out of bounds, report it. Do not post a response declaring that you feel someone is in violation or anything related. That is our responsibility and you yourself will be in violation yourself.

Q&A Board Guidelines: The Q&A board was specifically created for people new to Isla to ask questions and get honest, simple answers from our experienced users. The Chatter Board can be intimidating for new people and questions get easily lost between the community posts. This board allows the questions to be asked and the responses to remain online for a longer period than the Chatter Board.
  • The Q&A Board is strictly question and answer. Do not post unrelated material here.

  • Answer any and all questions with accurate and concise responses.

  • No joking or sarcasm! Both are easily misinterpreted and can make the user feel unwelcome or that the question is not valid.

  • EVERY QUESTION IS VALID AND WORTHY OF A RESPONSE!! We all had a first time on Isla and depending on where you have traveled things can be very different. We consider it the responsibility of this site and all regulars who use this site to help give advise and avoid some of the mistakes we have all made.

  • If a post is moving off topic or beyond the scope of the Q&A board then take the action to refer posters to the Chatter board.

  • If you are of the mindset to dissuade people from visiting Isla because you don’t want to promote tourism and keep things ‘as you remember them’, I recommend you to not participate in any of the message boards. Every post, positive or not brings more attention to Isla. The aim of this site is to educate people who are going to come to the island (that we all love) to be better, more informed and more responsible tourists. Change is inevitable. We hope to make just a small attempt to help control change in a positive way.

Self-Promotion on the boards: The following constitutes our guidelines of promoting yourself, your business interests or charities on the message boards or via private messenger. Violation of these guidelines carries the same repercussions as other code of conduct violations in regards to the message board. Violations via the private messaging system will result in immediate revocation of private messaging use, no warnings!!
  • If you or a family member own or work for a business, rental, website, other service or charity related to or located on Isla Mujeres you are prohibited from posting information related to this entity. We previously allowed one post per business but have had to reconsider this. If you have an announcement related to a business, service, charity, etc here on Isla Mujeres, email your announcement to [email protected] and we will determine if it should be posted. If we determine it is acceptable we will be the ones to post the information.

  • Business owners, workers or family members are not allowed to promote their business, rental, website, service or charity. This includes repeatedly posting 'email me' messages as a means to solicit business.

  • Business owners, workers or family members are not allowed to user the private messaging system to promote their business, rental, website, service or charity or to make contact for unsolicited business.

  • If you are interested in promoting your business, rental, website or service further on this website please contact [email protected] to discuss promotion options.

  • You are not permitted to include links to your business website on non-related postings.

  • If you are personally interested in buying or selling something (personal, non-business) on Isla, you are permitted to post your interest/offer once. Please include information on how perspectives should contact you. The board is not intended as an e-bay type site, but one time offers may be interesting to some or may help put people with similar needs together.

Message Board policies pertaining to Isla Mujeres-related NGOs, Non-profits, Charties, etc. Our policies regarding these organizations are similar to any other Isla business, but provide more flexibility to share information and request assistance. The policies are also created to provide fair access between organizations and limit any particular organization from overusing the message boards or having an advantage over others. Furthermore our policies are meant to ensure only authorized persons post on behalf of an organization and that information distributed comes from a reliable source.

  • Each organization is allowed to post one monthly update notice with news and information regarding the organization. This update should contain a 'call to action' statement encouraging users to check out the organization website for ways to help and for donations. The posted message may contain a brief explanation of specific requests and donations.

  • It is considered the responsibility of the organization to utilize it's own website for donation requests, specific needs requests or promotional programs.

  • Only the executive director of each organization OR one other person appointed in writing ([email protected]) by the executive director may post on behalf of the organization. Anyone else interested in posting information regarding an organization or program must work with the executive director to get the information included on the organizations website or within the bounds of the monthly update.

  • Special events or functions hosted by an organization are permitted to post up to 2 announcements prior to the event and 1 follow up posting regarding the outcome. Again these postings are only allowed to be posted by the ED or one previously authorized person. These announcements may be in addition to the monthly update announcement.

  • The ED or one previously authorized person is permitted to respond to questions posted on the boards specifically relating to the organization but is limited to directing responses to their website where related to donations, fundraising or special programs.

  • In the event of a natural disaster (hurricane or other) we recommend anyone interested in providing assistance wait until someone on Isla Mujeresis able to provide a credible assessment of what, if anything, is needed. Ad hoc groups interested in raising money or other aid via the Message Board are allowed to post under the condition that any money raised must be fully accounted for with a clear and comprehensive report to be made available to anyone who contributed (and only to those who had contributed) regarding the money raised and the money spent. The definition of these ad hoc groups may also be expanded to include groups wishing to raise money for a family in need or other one time specific need, unrelated to existing organizations.

**Disclaimer: All decisions regarding what is and what is not acceptable on this website are at the sole discretion of the owner and those entrusted to represent the owner. Decisions made by the owner of this site are final and are not open to debate. Our goal, as stated, is to offer a community to openly exchange Isla Mujeres information, but that does not imply that free speech applies here. For the good of the whole community, standards apply and will be enforced. This is a private website that is open to the public, but at the discretion of the owner for both users and content. I don’t want to give the idea that we run the site like a police state and control every word. On the contrary, if you know us we are a fun bunch, but we need to be tough at times to keep the dynamic positive and fun!!

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