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What else could you possibly want?

By: eddiekayne
Date: 12/4/2003

I am actually sharing an experience from August of 2002. It's taken me a year to come back to this site because I am no longer involved with the person I was at Isla with.

My girlfriend and I had been having some problems, so I decided to book a trip to Cancun. I wanted it to be very special as well as different. I hate doing "the norm" when it comes to travelling. So I stumbled across Isla Mujeres - it was beautiful. I found Hotel Secreto -- and we were all set. Isla Mujeres and Hotel Secreto -- what a combination. I was sure that the beauty and authenticity of the island along with the charm and tranquility of Hotel Secreto would allow us to be lost in love.

She absolutley hated it --- everything was wrong; nothing was right; she complained, bitched (sorry but that's the appropriate word for her conduct) moaned - everything. That experience has made Isla Mujeres a sore point for me but I really, really, liked the island itself. The golf cart rides around the entire island; the special romantic dinners on the cobblestone streets; snorkling; fishing for baracuda (caught a 36 incher); shopping for souvenirs (only $; the sunrises at Hotel Secreto and the exclusiveness of their pool; the clarity of the water at La Playa De Norte...all these things of beauty; yet, it seemed nothing was right.

In my mind, with a setup like that, and the adventure of discovery in a beautiful place such as Isla Mujeres; it had to her her not me. And I am assuming that when I decide to return, which I hope is one day soon, that I will have a different experience with a person that actually loves me and wants to be there.

Thanks for listening all -- it's been tough over the past 15 months -- as silly as it sounds, I just actually started drinking out of the "Isla Mujeres Coffee Mug" that I purchased as a souvenir. Happy travelling and please, please e-mail me your thoughts and reactions...see ya soon

Bryant (Eddie)
[email protected]

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