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Getting There

Most people arrive via the Cancun International Airport, but transportation to the island is basically the same for everyone. Unless you're up for a swim, you take a ferry! The only factor to consider is whether you have a car or not.

If you're flying into Cancun, you've got a few choices on how you get to the ferries.

Private Service
Unless you are traveling on a shoe string budget (see below if you are) we recommend booking your airport - ferry transfer before your arrival. Private van service is an easy and reliable way to get your vacation going as quickly as possible. I don't know about you, but when I'm on my way to a vacation destination the last thing I like to do is wait around at the airport. For groups, this service is really the only way to consider going.

CARM provides a very professional and reliable service at a reasonable rate. They will meet you outside the airport with a sign and have you on your way to the ferry dock quickly. Click Here to book your transfer and help support this site!

Airport Shuttles
Shuttles provide another reasonable alternative and are great if you are by yourself or in a small group and not in a big hurry. You may have to wait a short while for others to arrive to fill the van or you may have to wait while they drop off other guests in the hotel zone on their way to the ferry dock.

Best Day has a reliable shuttle service at a great price! Use the box below to book your shuttle transfer. Best Day is one of the oldest and most established travel companies in Cancun! From the box below, type Isla Mujeres into the Hotel Name field and select Mia or any of the hotels listed for Isla Mujeres and fill out the rest of the details. This will get you a shuttle to the ferry dock in Cancun.

Taxis are available upon arrival and you'll be mobed with sales guys as you leave the customs area in the airport. In our opinion, unless you are arriving last minute and unplanned, they are not the ideal option to get you started on your vacation bliss. All the taxis leaving Cancun International Airport (legal ones) are part of a monopoly and charge A LOT. Expect to pay $70+ USD to get to the ferry dock! THAT'S ONE WAY!

*Shoestring Travelers: If you're feeling adventurous or just want the cheapest means to get to Isla, you can take the buses. When you leave the terminal go directly to your right and follow the sidewalk along the departures section until you come to the end. There you'll find the very comfortable and air conditioned buses run by ADO. The cost is next to nothing, but you have to walk a ways to get there. This bus will drop you at the bus station in downtown Cancun. From there you can take a taxi (for much less) to the dock or can walk out and wait for another bus heading to Puerto Juarez.

Ferry Info
If you're not taking a car to the island, and you shouldn’t have to unless you live there, you'll want to head for Puerto Juárez. This is both an area of town as well as the name of one of the docks. The other dock is named Gran Puerto. There are two express services currently serving the island. Detailed schedules and fares can be found in the Planning for Isla section of Or click here to get to the ferry schedules.

*Tip: If you are traveling with pets, your best bet is to take the UltraMar ferry from Gran Puerto. No animals are allowed on the Puerto Juarez boats.

If you are coming by car, you'll want to head a little further north about 5 miles to Punta Sam to find the car ferry. Crossing times and prices can also be found in the Planning for Isla section of Or click here to get to the ferry schedules.

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