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Staying out of Jail

Unless wasting a good portion of your vacation in jail is your idea of having a good time, I would follow these suggestions!!

If you do make this one of your stop-overs, jail times are unknown and fines to get out can be high!! The rules on Isla are probably similar to where you're from, but the consequences for breaking them can be much more serious!

As with anywhere, shopkeepers take this very seriously. While they may seem laid back, be sure they are watching you're every move!!

As with life in general, it is better to just walk away. Fights are taken very seriously on Isla, with the usual outcome of all parties going to jail. Tourism being as important as it is, providing a safe visit for everyone takes highest priority!

Using the bathroom
Public urination, if caught, is a guaranteed way to get a free night in the municipal hotel. Most restaurants and bars will allow you to use their bathrooms so don't take the chance!!

Buying drugs
It's rumored that many people who sell drugs on Isla actually work for the police. They are paid to sell drugs to you and then pass that information along to the authorities. Obviously, you would never bring drugs across the border, so it's better to just limit your altered state to cerveza and sun!!

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