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Taxi Information

Taxis on the island are plentiful and easy. You can get one just about anywhere and they will certainly take you anywhere you want to go. If you are downtown, just head toward that taxi stand. It is located between the Maga˝a and UltraMar ferry docks. If you see an available one on your way, just flag it down. Anywhere else, just look and flag. If you get passed up by an empty cab, don't take it personally, they are probably on their way home or to get a bit to eat.
Note the taxi prices below. Just know, that the price doubles between midnight and 6am. Taxi prices are per trip, not per person. But taxis are not private and will pick up extra people when there is space. Tips are not required, but are always welcome!

*Tip When entering a cab it is customary to greet the driver with good morning, good afternoon or good evening (buenos dias, bienas tardes or buenas noches). Next tell them where you want to go. Voy a .... por favor (I'm going to .... please) or vamos a ..... por favor (We are going to .... please) will work. If all else fails, just point directions.

Downtown to Garrafon44 Pesos Downtown to Sac Bajo44 Pesos
Downtown to Colonias9 Pesos Downtown to North Beach13 Pesos
Downtown to Turtle Farm22 Pesos Downtown to Cristalmar32 Pesos
Downtown to South Point44 Pesos Downtown to Playa Lancheros22 Pesos
Colonias to Garrafon22 Pesos Colonias to Sac Bajo22 Pesos
Garrafon to Sac Bajo44 Pesos

*Tip If you take a taxi from the taxi stand directly next to the ferry dock, they may charge an extra 10 Pesos. Better to flag down a taxi off the street.

*Tip You can also rent a taxi for island tours for 150 Pesos per hour!

Bus Information
There are buses transporting people around the island for a very low cost (4 Pesos). The bus route starts behind the market in downtown and cirlces the outer roads of downtown, stopping near the ferry docks. You can pretty much ahil the buses at any point and they will stop for you. The end of the route is at Hacienda Mundaca near the turn to Sac Bajo. The route isn't attractive to people who's destinations are tourists areas, but it is nice cheap way to see the island or get somewhere. You can get off the bus anywhere and it would be a fairly short walk to wherever you're going.

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