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What to Do

Congratulations, you're going on vacation! Are you planning to spend all your time in the sun with a cerveza or perhaps a good book? If that is not your cup of tea, you'll be looking for some activities to occupy your time. You've come to the right spot. Isla Mujeres itself has enough things to do to keep you occupied for some time. You can also take advantage of the islands proximity to many other great excursions.

Things to do on Isla Mujeres
There are many operations willing to take tourists out to some of the local reefs for some fantastic snorkeling. Generally, a reservation is not required. Just head toward the ferry or the beach and you should find someone looking for passengers. You shouldn't need to worry about equipment, as it is generally included in the price.

If diving is more your speed, there are several great dive shops located on Isla Mujeres. Diving around the island provides a great experience for a wide range of expertise. There are reefs in shallow, low current water for the new divers to reef drift dives for the more experienced. For the truly experienced, try the Cave of the Sleeping Sharks on one of the local shipwrecks like Ultra Freeze. At least a one day's notice is required for the smaller dives. For the more advanced dives it may take more time to gather enough people.

There are several outfits willing to take passengers out for a day's fishing excursion. Talk to any of the excursion vendors for more information or just ask around down by the fishing docks.

Garrafón Natural Reef Park | More Info | Make a Reservation |
Garrafón Natural Reef Park is a snorkel park located at the southern tip of Isla Mujeres. This park is unique as there is a reef located just a few feet off the shore. This makes for some convenient snorkeling!!

The new facilities are truly wonderful. For those not interested in snorkeling there are lots of hammocks and chairs for resting, a pool for cooling yourself and plenty of staff just waiting to bring you snacks, lunch or drinks!!

Dolphin Discovery| More Info | Make a Reservation |
Ever dreamt of being up close and personal with the most intersting intellegent creatures in the ocean? Through the programs offered from Dolphin Discovery you can be in the water, touch and even kiss the most loved of all sea creatures!

Hacienda Mundaca
The land was once the home of the Pirate Mundaca who had a colorful story on Isla Mujeres. You can learn the story, view the ruins of his hacienda (home).

Turtle Farm
Sea Turtles are endangered and endearing creatures. This organization is helping the troubled turtles get their population back up by assisting them with laying their eggs as well as protecting the eggs and baby turtles until they are out of danger.

Isla Contoy
This nearly uninhabited island serves as an important bird sanctuary. Licensed tour services bring visitors in each day to see the island's beauty and lounge on its powdered beaches. Tours generally include a stop at an underwater national snorkeling park as well as a great lunch of fresh fish!!

Off Isla Mujeres Excursions

Take a day or more trip to see some fantastic Mexican sites. Anything from a day trip shopping in Cancun to trips to view the ruins of Tulum will make an exciting addition to your vacation. The Cancun-Tulum corridor(Riviera Maya) provides all sorts of excursions. Here, there are a couple of natural parks as well as quaint cities such as Playa del Carmen (ferries depart daily from Playa to Cozumel).

Mayan Ruins
The Yucatan Peninsula has a rich Mayan history which has left us with some incredible Mayan Ruins for you to explore. Chichen-Itza, Tulum & Ek-balam are the largest and most well known ruins. Book a private or shared tour of these ruins for an experience that transcends millenniums. Click here to learn more and book your tours online!

The Yucatan Peninsula has no surface rivers to move water. The porous limestone structure of the peninsula supports a system of underground rivers. In some places the water comes close enough to the surface that it can be accessed by a number of kinds of 'cenotes'. Some are caves you can enter to access the water while others are sink holes where the water came too close to the surface and caused a cave in. Cenotes are unique to this area and something anyone interested in exploration should check out. There are many tours that include stops at cenotes and a few parks dedicated to only cenotes. Check out the Hidden Worlds tour. Click here to find and book cenote tours online!

Eco Parks
The Yucatan Peninsula hosts an amazing eco system between the jungle areas and coast line. The Riviera Maya has several parks that allow you to explore not only the local eco systems but some Mayan culture as well. Click here to find a park that interests you and book your tours online!

Adventure Tours
If you like an adventure, a thrill or just exploring nature there are many different tours and activities available near Isla Mujeres. Get an adrenaline rush on a zip line, explore a jungle, paddle through an underground river, take a horse back ride or explore caves via an ATV. Click here to find an adventure and book online!

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