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Isla Mujeres (Island of Women) is the perfect place for a short vacation or a new place to call home. You'll soon agree as you spend your days relaxing on a powder white beach, snorkeling in the crystal blue waters or just lounging in your hammock under your favorite palapa. By night you'll dine on fabulous meals of every variety. After you've eaten your fill, there is still plenty to satisfy all interests. Take a relaxing stroll trough the moonlit streets while breathing in the ocean air. If you're so inclined, take in some of the abundant nightlife and maybe even dance your way 'til dawn.

General Travel Tips

What to Bring:

Your Travel Documents

To enter Mexico you will need to present the following: A valid passport or your birth certificate with embossed seal, Mexican Tourist Card, which you will be given at the airport when you check in or on the plane. Be sure to completely fill out the Tourist Card before you land in Mexico, it will save time at immigration. Put your Tourist Card in a safe place, you will be required to present it when you depart Mexico. Though not required, it is a very good idea to bring an additional photo ID such as a driver's license.

Travel Documents for Minors:

A valid passport or your birth certificate with embossed seal is required. When a minor is traveling alone, they must have a notarized letter signed by the parents or legal guardians giving them permission to travel. When a minor is traveling with one adult, provide a notarized letter signed by the parent or guardian not traveling giving them permission to travel with the other parent or guardian. If one parent is deceased, provide the death certificate.

Clothing and Personal Items

Summer clothing is essential for vacationing on the island. There's no standard dress code for a night on the town, so anything goes. You will see people wearing anything from cut off jeans to dress apparel. Be sure to bring a jacket or sweater, the nights can get a bit chilly.

Make sure you carry your money in a safe place. Although the island has a reputation for being theft free, one can never be too sure. Never carry your passport or travel documents with you; it's a very painful process trying to get home without them. Check with your hotel, usually they provide a safe box (caja de seguridad) for all guests.

Arriving in the Cancun Airport

Follow the crowd down the escalator to the immigration area where you will present your Tourist Card and Passport or Birth Certificate. Remember to put your Tourist Card in a safe place; you will need it to leave the country.

After immigration go to the baggage claim area (to your left of the immigration area) and pick up your bags. There are carts for rent next to the carousels. Proceed to Customs and present your completed customs form (usually given when you check-in at the airport or on the plane). One form is needed per family. Press the button... 9 times out of 10 you'll get the green light which means go on through. Every once in awhile you'll get the red light and your luggage will be briefly searched.

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